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Palmares provides a suite of pre-configured Excel Capture Templates to support a wide range of business sectors and lines of business (see list below). The Capture Templates can either be used as stand-alone tools or uploaded to the AS IS Assessment Cloud Platform for processing. Although the template structure and name fields are fixed, all content, including the Knowledge Base pull-down lists, can be changed and customized. Leveraging previous project experiences, the Capture Template structure has now been re-designed to capture business activity hierarchies up to 5 levels (version 6.1). To process the extended hierarchy the Cloud Analysis Engine had to be re-designed in order to deliver top-down and bottom-up comparative analysis via a 21 dimension cube. The current structure is described below. Please note, although we are constantly extending the list and structure of pre-configured Capture Templates and the Analysis Engine, we have a back compatibility design policy to ensure we can continue to process earlier template versions.


  • 5 levels of business process activities (Category; Function; Process; Activity; Sub-Activity)
  • 1600 activities (per template)
  • Resource and skills utilization (200 employees per template)
  • Process risk points and suggestion mitigations (SOX 404 annexes 2 &3)
  • Process activity classifications (400 classifiers to 3 levels)
  • TNP Change Register
  • SIPOC Register (Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer)
  • Reports Register
  • Process enabling technologies: ERP modules; Reporting Tools; Data Feeds and Interfaces
  • Volumetrics; SLAs


The Assessment Knowledge Base incorporates compiled lists of:

  • Cross-Sector (i.e. APQC) and Sector specific process classifications
  • Line of business Process Activity classifications
  • ERP modules, enabling technologies, IT reporting tools, interfaces and feeds
  • Management and Statutory Reports (by Sector and Lines of Business)
  • Process Risk points and suggested mitigations base on Process Classifications(SOX 404 annexes 2 & 3)

ASSESSMENT KNOWLEDGE BASE - Sectors and Lines of Business

  • Local Authorities: (Back office, Business Support and Advisory)
  • - Corporate, Technical and Operational Finance - Procurement (Strategic and transactional) - HR - Learning & Development - Payroll - Talent - Health & Safety - Fraud - Insurance - Risk / Audit - Transaction Creditors and Debtors
  • Central Government
  • - Corporate, Technical and Operational Finance - Procurement - HR - Learning & Development - Payroll - Talent
  • APQC Cross-Sector Process Classification FrameworkTM (PC)


  • SAP - Oracle - Workday - Civica - Agresso - Northgate - iTrent - MS Dynamics AX

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