SIAM Study - Comparing the Introduction of New IT Services via Simple and Complex SIAM Models

A Study to Compare the Introduction of typical New IT Services within a Single Tower and Multi-Tower SIAM Model using a mature set of ‘Plan-Build-Run’ project tasks

To hit the ground running, Project Consultants use tried and trusted tools – but can you use and share them?

Typically, clients and integrators expect on-boarded project consultants (project managers - business analysts - architects) to immediately hit the ground running. Obviously, in the absence of mandatory project tools, Consultants will then rely on their tried and tested tools to make an early contribution.

These might include one or more of the following tools:

  • De-facto Microsoft applications (MS Project - MS Visio - MS PowerPoint – MS SharePoint – MS Power BI)
  • Google Sheets with Google Apps Script
  • Specialist cloud-based applications (i.e. BPM – PPM)
  • MS Excel templates, checklists and customised VBA based Excel tool-sets

However, there are circumstances where Consultants cannot deploy their preferred tools!

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