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Article - COBIT 2019 Governance Implementation Framework

Executive Summary

COBIT® 2019 is based on COBIT® 5 and other authoritative sources. COBIT is aligned to a number of related standards and frameworks. The list of these standards are listed in TAB "COBIT Referenced Standards". The analysis of related standards and COBIT’s alignment to them underly COBIT’s established position of being the umbrella I&T governance framework.

The target audience includes a range of direct stakeholders in governance over I&T: board members, executive and senior management, and experienced professionals throughout the enterprise, not only from the business and IT, but also from audit, assurance, compliance, security, privacy and risk management disciplines.


Governance System and Components

The content identified as focus areas in figure 2.1 will contain more detailed guidance on specific themes. A number of these focus area content guides are already in preparation; others are planned. The set of focus area guides is open ended and will continue to evolve

The design factors, focus areas and variants concepts will be used to design a tailored governance system for enterprise I&T. A tailored governance system based on COBIT is a system that has taken the generic contents of COBIT and has assigned specific priorities and target capability levels to the governance and management components based on the enterprise’s own context and design factor values. When required, specific variants of governance components are also put in place.




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