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Article - SIAM Study - Comparing the Introduction of New IT Services via Simple and Complex SIAM Models



Executive Summary

This document will describe the number of discrete project tasks required for each New Service Introduction Use Case via a Single and Multi-Tower SIAM Model.

For the purposes of this study, a IT New Service can include a Cloud/On-premise Application, or a VM Server configuration used by Solution Architects to host an application.

This study compares New Service Introduction project tasks via two SIAM models:

1.Single Tower: where all IT run service management is outsourced to a single provider
2.Multi- Towers: where specific IT run services are outsourced to multiple providers (i.e. Hosting – Networks – ESS – MSS - Desktop etc)

For each SIAM Model, the Client retains Portfolio Management, Project Management and Governance and oversight of Operational Run performance and quality

The following slides will describe Use Case Project tasks performed by Project Managers, Business Analysts and Change Coordinators for each Service Introduction Project Phase. Slides 6 through 7 describe the list of project tasks within each project phase which can be selected according to the New Service Introduction Use Case.

New Service Introduction Use Cases included in the study include:

1.SaaS - No Personal Data stored in the cloud
2.SaaS - With Personal Data stored in the cloud
3.ERP Add-On Application hosted on-premise
4.ERP Module Upgrade – On Premise – Global Template
5.ERP Module Upgrade – New Cloud Hosting – Global Template


The conclusions of this study for the introduction of New IT Services via Simple and Complex SIAM Models are:

1. Single Tower model is more efficient than a Mutli-Tower Model
2. Due to security issues, more Design project tasks are required for New hosted cloud services than On-premise hosted services

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