Dr. Thora Thorsdottir

Consultant / Owner


Thora founded her business (thorathorsdottir - formerly, Plethora Intelligence) in order to offer services around her fullsome personal, professional and academic experience of change. With over 20 years of experience—and armed with extensive diagnostic and assessment experience in a variety of contexts, good interpersonal, analytical and business skills in dealing with colleagues and clients at all levels— Thora’s mission is to help individuals and companies increase satisfaction and improve work adjustment.

Thora has extensive experience in the research sector, conducting research for consultancies, public sector organisations, as well as for a boutique post-merger integration consultancy, Beyond the Deal LLP in London, alongside Thomson Reuters. She has also accrued extensive experience with a range of commercial organisations, such as Bank of America, and several leading market research firms, in Europe and North America, and has worked in recruitment and trained as an ICCS® consultant.

Thora has helped niche boutique and specialist HR/OD consultancies develop diagnostic tools and services to assess various aspects of employee engagement and satisfaction. She has also worked for management schools, conducting research into organisational behaviour, including the University of Surrey Management School. Across several years’ experience leading major accounts in the market research and software sector, most recently for SPSS – MR (now IBM Analytics), Thora equipped herself with exceptional client facing and management skills, and strong relationships with major European clients.

These experiences position Thora, uniquely and powerfully, to offer highly specialised services around  diagnostic interviewing and assessments on sensitive matters, and transition facilitation for individuals, aspiring and small business owners and established companies.

Says Professor Michael Arthur, MD and Developer of the ICCS® system, Boston, US: “On all counts, I am deeply impressed by Thora’s professionalism, and I have learned to trust her as an important and dependable ally. Moreover, I am confident that Thora is demonstrating the same high level of professionalism in all of her business relationships.”

Recently, Thora was asked by Imperial College to conduct a webinar for their alumni, describing the framework she uses for services in Joint Venture & Partnerships facilitation and in Career Coaching & Diagnostics. A link to the webinar appears below.

Born in Norway, Thora has lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic and is now settled in the Greater London Area, UK. Thora is currently conducting research for another book with an associate, and works with several associates and consultancies. In her spare time she likes to socialise with family and friends, travel and do volunteer work. She is also a regular keep-fit person, or at least tries to be!

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