Methodologies and Frameworks

  • Post Merger Integration - Transformation Governance Principles

    Transformation Governance ( Prince2, MSP, P3M3 or P3O) is commonly regarded as having five elements, based on taking the various principles and converting them into ‘method’ or framework:

    • Alignment of Organisational Objectives
    • Golden Thread of Delegated Authority
    • Independent Assurance
    • Reporting
    • Decision Gates
  • Post Merger Integration - Transformation Programme Management

    Palmares Consulting provides Post Merger Integration and Optimisation Transformation Programme Management

  • Post Merger Integration - Typical Reason Why Transformations Fail

    Palmares Consulting

    Post-merger integration (PMI) is rarely straightforward, but most businesses find ways to make it slower, less effective and more expensive than it needs to be. This helps explain why, in study after study, so many acquisitions fail to deliver their expected value.

    Why do deals fall flat? In our experience, it is far easier to build a rationale for the deal than to create a workable plan for transforming two companies into one. Even the most well-reasoned strategy, thoroughly vetted target and comprehensive financial model are of little value if you cannot integrate successfully.

  • Post-Merger Integration Framework

    Palmares Consulting

    Companies spend their time pulling the deal off. They often don’t put enough focus on the most important part – the integration.

    The integration is the key to value. If you do not get the companies integrated you will have paid too much

    The goal of PMI is to get the reconfigured company back in the marketplace as quickly and effectively as possible -- doing business in the ways the deal envisioned.That goal faces two deadly enemies: uncertainty and an excess of process and governance. The former is unavoidable, and the latter is usually self-inflicted.

    Left unchecked, they will drain value from the deal. The good news is that both can be overcome with the same weapon: a lean, flexible, adaptive approach to identifying and resolving key operating decisions at the earliest possible moment. Timely decisions fuel every PMI activity. Tackle them aggressively and you will dramatically improve the odds that an M&A deal will deliver the anticipated shareholder value.

    Key elements of the Framework

    1. Structure, Resources, Process & Tools
    2. Integration of Corporate Functions
    3. Transition to Line Responsibility
    4. Review and Learning
  • Project Management Glossary

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