M&A Collective Leadership Capability Assessment

Potentious Helps Clients Understand, Leverage, and Build M&A Leadership Capability

Can you predict whether your planned M&A is likely to have a positive financial return? Dr. Dunbar’s research gives conclusive evidence that collective leadership capability plays a huge role in M&A success, a role that has historically been ignored and definitely not quantified until now.

Our unique M&A leadership research identifies key collective leadership capabilities that allow M&A activities to be successful—for all involved.

Potentious offers the first-to-market, in-depth analysis of acquirer and target M&A leadership capability to determine if the leadership skills that predict M&A success are present in both companies. The analysis also identifies high performers and any existent gaps in leadership, and, via the groundbreaking Potentious M&A Leadership Risk Profile methodology, evaluates M&A leadership capability to quantify the level of risk in a particular M&A.

Our services are:

  • M&A Leadership Risk Assessment (LRA). Assesses the M&A leadership capability of both acquirer and target companies and compares skills against the M&A Leadership Risk Profile.
  • Deep Leadership Talent Assessment (DLTA). Identifies the leadership talent within the acquirer and target companies who possesses the requisite M&A leadership skill profile.
  • M&A Leadership Integration Plan. Leverages LRA and DLTA to support successful post-merger leadership integration activities by enabling companies to leverage M&A leadership strengths and mitigate M&A leadership risk areas.

Potentious Enables Companies Success by Building M&A Leadership Capabilities

  • Company-Specific M&A Leadership Competency Model. Potentious builds a company-specific M&A leadership competency model that allows acquirers to conduct their own M&A leadership due diligence of internal M&A leadership capability and targets for each specific deal.
  • Builds M&A Leadership Capabilities. Potentious offers organizational development (OD) services that includes coaching, leadership engagement workshops, and leadership development to help you build M&A leadership capabilities that enable M&A success.
  • Cultural Assessment. Potentious helps you understand potential cultural differences so you can leverage identified M&A leadership capabilities to integrate existing culture or create a new one.


Consultations Enable You To Evaluate Your Real Potential for Positive Financial Returns

We work with your M&A teams to provide you with predictive M&A leadership risk assessments. These assessments identify the leadership capabilities most likely to enhance your financial returns, and allow you to prepare to mitigate the risks that otherwise limit or cancel out the potential to meet your financial targets.

The outcome is an assessment of the acquirer and target companies and their M&A leadership capabilities. You gain a clear picture of what skills, strengths, and talent assets you already have and how they compare with the proven methodology that produces successful mergers. You receive consultation and written leadership assessment reports on you as the acquiring company or the target company, and recommended ways to address risk factors to a successful outcome.  Potentious also offers services to help you build M&A leadership capabilities that help you drive your M&A success.

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