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Palmares RFP Design-Publish-Score-Select

Palmares RFP (Design-Publish-Score-Select)

A very powerful FREE Excel application for procurement / commercial teams to quickly and professionally design, publish and score "Request for Proposals" (RFPs) that are easily tailored and flexed according to pre-defined business Use Case scenarios.

Multiple vendor responses (combination of free text and pulldowns) can be imported, scored and compared in order to down-select the best proposal based on consistent commercial, business requirements and vendor risk / compliance profile criteria.


The version available to download is already configured to request IT products and services. Sections covering best practice Data Protection and IT Security Controls are included by default. Only product requirements need to be added

Link to order your FREE file download

RFP standard types can be configured to automatically flex questionnaire content and response scoring

Questionnaire content is automatically flexed based on RFP type

Vendor response scores are automatically collated and compared for down selection

Question descriptions, integrated pulldowns and response scores are easily configurable

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