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      Trusted by some of the most prominent companies in the world, our acquisition tracking and post-merger integration M&A software helps you deliver greater value from every deal. Designed specifically for M&A professionals and Post-Merger Integration teams, our M&A tools streamline the M&A process from targeting through post-merger integration so you can close deals faster, integrate in less time, and reap the benefits your board expects. See why top companies use EMA-Transact and EMA-Integrate to manage their M&A deals.


      BusinessOptix is a cloud-based platform that enables organisations to run their core operations, grow the scale of their business and make transformational changes. Today, BusinessOptix is being used to redefine business models, reshape business practices, eliminate superfluous operations and costs, understand and capture best practices, speed up decision making, deliver greater integration and smoother operations across functions, streamline go-to-market processes and activities and improve return on capital employed. Across governance, risk and compliance, operating models, change and transformation, KYC, enterprise software delivery, project management, ITIL and HR, BusinessOptix is successfully delivering value to businesses. BusinessOptix customers reside in a number of horizontal and verticals industries, including financial Services, retail, media, telecoms, pharmaceutical, government, consultancies, legal services and business process outsourcing.


      Business-Driven Intelligence: Easy. Fast. Flexible. If your industry isn’t already disrupted by digitization, it will be. But what you need is better insight, not bigger data. Traditional BI is expensive, slow to set up, and needs IT specialists, and external consultants – lots of them. Jedox’s Business Intelligence (BI) streamlines analysis, planning, and reporting quickly, easily and inexpensively – allowing you to focus on growth. Jedox gives you straightforward self-service BI, empowering you to make faster decisions. Jedox optimizes any business processes with a unified solution that you can use from Excel, on the web, on tablets and smartphones, and in the cloud. Jedox drives growth, innovation, and collaboration by bringing the power of data to every user in your organization. “Transform the most used planning and reporting tool into the most useful.” The Jedox vision since our foundation in 2002.

      With Jedox, we keep Excel’s strengths and eliminate the drawbacks. With our ExcelPLUS philosophy, you go from Excel to anywhere. Use your Excel expertise to implement complex planning and BI requirements quickly, easily, and securely. Jedox empowers you to rapidly streamline any business process in the tools you know, on the web, your tablet, and in the cloud. The world’s leading Analysts confirm Jedox as an industry-leading innovator: Gartner recognizes Jedox as a ‘Cool Vendor’ for innovation and growth. The Gleansight BI Report ranks Jedox first in Ease of Use, Ease of Deployment and Overall Value. In the BARC BI customer survey (the world’s largest BI survey), Jedox finishes as a top scorer every year, and CeBIT 2014 recognizes Jedox with the IT innovation award. Industry-recognition is inspiring, but our biggest motivator is how we can help make planning, analysis, and reporting tasks just that little bit easier every day for you and over 130,000 users at our 1,700 customers.

      Valcato Hosting

      UK HOSTED SERVERS: SHARED - VPS - DEDICATED Palmares is proud to host its AS IS Assessment Cloud Platform on Valcato's Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Valcato Hosting is a growing web hosting company based in the United Kingdom. Started in early 2002, Valcato has many years experience in providing web hosting services to a wide range of customers. They are dedicated to providing reliability and flexibility to our customers, allowing them to create whatever kind of site they desire.

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