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The Deven Software platform, includes two powerful and linked web-based applications (EMA-Transact - EMA-Integrate) to deliver a full life-cycle Project Portfolio and M&A management solution. Either solution can be installed on premise or accessed from our highly secure, scalable and geo-redundant cloud data centre. Each customer cloud implementation is deployed in a separate database instance for ultimate data security and is easily accessible using an encrypted and authenticated connection via the internet.

Why Deven Software

Trusted by some of the most prominent companies in the world, our acquisition tracking and post-merger integration M&A software helps you deliver greater value from every deal. Designed specifically for transformation / M&A professionals and Post-Merger Integration teams, our M&A tools streamline the M&A process from targeting through post-merger integration so you can close deals faster, integrate in less time, and reap the benefits your board expects. See why top companies use EMA-Transact and EMA-Integrate to manage their M&A deals.


Deven Software's Enterprise Project Portfolio and M&A (EMA) Management Solutions are designed to improve deal and integration outcomes by enabling all parties engaged in programme / project portfolio and M&A Life Cycle to work and collaborate within a single platform environment.

The solution improves synergy realization by enabling Project Portfolio, M&A and integration teams to track all transaction due diligence and integration efforts, measure synergy financial performance, monitor work stream / synergy timelines execution and easily report in real-time, on all the essentials of the transaction from target identification / evaluation / close through post merger integration.

EMA fosters reliable communication and collaboration with internal colleagues, teams, and external advisers to keep all seamlessly engaged and on track. EMA is a highly secure, flexible and configurable software platform to meet current and future requirements. EMA is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or as an On-Premise deployment.


    Accurate and timely information, at your fingertips is the lifeblood of a successful M&A team. Our customers use EMA-Transact to monitor multiple acquisition targets and easily update changes in performance, market position, or strategic direction. When you are ready to narrow down your list of acquisition possibilities, EMA-Transact provides the structure that enables you to track key variables and risk factors. As you proceed through the negotiation, EMA-Transact provides your acquisition team with relevant information in a clear, concise presentation manner. Key data and smart evaluation of risks enables the M&A team to make the best -informed negotiation of price and terms, leading to a successful close. When the deal is closed, the M&A Team can easily and seamlessly transfer selected information into the EMA-Integrate product to support a fully informed integration effort. EMA Transact - Key value drivers are:

    • Pre-close activity/task monitoring (schedules, work streams, resource accountability)
    • Process management (deal/transaction flow)
    • Team resource and collaboration management (communication and activity management)
    • Internal document management
    • Reporting of critical activities including target pipeline, task execution, transaction
    • Time-lines and work stream activity status


    Customers use EMA-Integrate to track the myriad of details that can make or break a successful acquisition. Time is of the essence and EMA-Integrate allows the M&A team to assign specific tasks with delivery dates and automatically sends friendly reminders when a due date is in jeopardy or missed. Risks are identified early, researched, and tracked throughout the process. Integration teams frequently expand to include members from the legal department, finance, marketing, and operations. EMA-integrate can accommodate an ever-expanding team, with easy e-mail updates to all team members of critical activities or decision points. EMA-Integrate even provides linkages to external resources, such as advisory service providers, financial analysts, market experts, or IP professionals. Success metrics in EMA-Integrate monitor post-close results and increase the probability of successful performance once the target has been brought into the parent company. EMA-Integrate Key value drivers are:

    • Post-merger/acquisition synergy and task monitoring (integration schedules, work streams, resource accountability)
    • Net Synergy Values (tracking financial targets against actuals)
    • Process management (team, work stream and organization)
    • Team resource and collaboration management (communication and activity management)
    • Internal document management
    • Reporting of critical activities including synergy burn-down rates, synergy & task execution, work streams and timelines, and team activity status

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