Full Life-Cycle M&A / Project Portfolio Cloud Platforms

AS IS Assessment Cloud Platform

AS IS Assessment Cloud Platform provides M&A / PMI / Transformational Change professionals, Enterprise Architects and Business Analysts with a reliable, repeatable and consistent method of capturing and analysing AS IS business and ICT/ERP landscapes which will deliver compelling and dependable evidence upon which to base critical business change decisions.

AS IS Assessment Cloud Platform includes:

  • pre-configured business sector capture template resources
  • online analysis delivering a vast set of metric and graphical analytics
  • Summary findings reports (optional)
  • Advisory support services

Devensoft Project Portfolio / M&A Management Platform

Trusted by some of the most prominent companies in the world, our acquisition tracking and post-merger integration M&A software helps you deliver greater value from every deal. Designed specifically for M&A professionals and Post-Merger Integration teams, our M&A tools streamline the M&A process from targeting through post-merger integration so you can close deals faster, integrate in less time, and reap the benefits your board expects. See why top companies use EMA-Transact and EMA-Integrate to manage their M&A deals.

LA Integrated Commissioning Management Platform

A version of Devensoft's EMA specifically configured to manage and support full life-cycle Local Authority Integrated Commissioning and ASDV projects

BusinessOptix BPM Platform

BusinessOptix is a cloud-based platform that enables organisations to run their core operations, grow the scale of their business and make transformational changes.

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