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  • Dr. J. Keith Dunbar

    Consultant / Owner


    Dr. J. Keith Dunbar established Potentious to provide forward-thinking M&A consulting services to companies large and small. With Dr. Dunbar’s insights into leadership analysis, companies minimize the risk and maximize the probability of M&A success to meet financial objectives.

    +1 202.450.0988

  • Dr. Thora Thorsdottir

    Consultant / Owner


    Thora founded her business (thorathorsdottir - formerly, Plethora Intelligence) in order to offer services around her fullsome personal, professional and academic experience of change. With over 20 years of experience—and armed with extensive diagnostic and assessment experience in a variety of contexts, good interpersonal, analytical and business skills in dealing with colleagues and clients at all levels— Thora’s mission is to help individuals and companies increase satisfaction and improve work adjustment.

    +44 7702 383989

  • Ken Blunt

    Managing Director / Consultant

    Palmares Consulting Ltd


    Skills and Experience Summary:

    • Transformation Programme Manager (Business & ICT / ERP)
    • Business and ICT /ERP Capability / Readiness Assessment
    • Post Merger Integration (PMI)
    • Business Architect
    • Service Integration and Management (SIAM) SME
    • Shared Service Strategic Architect
    • Business Startup CIO
    • Software Development Entrepreneur
    • SOX (404 Annex 2, 3 & 4) Corporate Governance & Compliance

    He is a large scale international business and ICT Transformation Programme leader and Turnaround Specialist with over 45 years of business experience. To date, he has been engaged on 14 private and public sector multi-functional Shared Service business transformations spanning more than 40 countries and 15 international technology company acquisitions.

    +44 7768637337

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